Olympic Club Challenge

This is where it gets serious, folks. The Olympic Club has picked a racefight with local running clubs. Why? Why not? In the sixth-annual Olympic Club Challenge, Bay Area running clubs will compete against each other in The Giant Race Half Marathon, with the fastest club winning a Field Visit before a Giants baseball game and an engraved Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

2017 Champion: Impala Racing Team

2016 Champion: Impala Racing Team

2015 Champion: The Olympic Club

2014 Champion: The Olympic Club

2013 Champion: West Valley Track Club

2012 Champion: The Olympic Club

The Format:

  • At least five runners are required register for the Half Marathon to represent each club.
  • The times of the five fastest runners for each club will be added to form an aggregate team finish time.
  • Teams may be composed of any combination of male and female runners.
  • For each woman finishing in a club’s top five, that team receives a ten minute deduction from their aggregate finish time.
  • The team with the fastest aggregate time (once any deductions for top female finishes have been applied) wins the Olympic Club Challenge.

The Olympic Club Challenge Champion will receive:

  • A pre-game Field Visit and tickets to a Giants game for the five fastest finishers of the winning club team, hosted by the Olympic Club team.
  • An engraved Louisville Slugger baseball bat noting the accomplishment of the winning team.

Registration Instructions:

Register for the half marathon as normal, but make sure to include your club name in the Olympic Club Challenge section of the registration process. In addition, send us a quick email to anakken@giantrace.com (Alyssa Nakken), just so we know to look out for your team.