Half Marathon Course Map - San Francisco

Start Time: 7:00am*

*Course subject to changes at any time.

Half Marathon Time Limit: Please be prepared to turnaround at a location other than the half marathon's respective turnaround point if instructed by race staff. Runners who do not maintain a 15:00 minute/mile pace MAY be instructed to turn around and head back to the Finish Line to accommodate road openings mandated by the City of San Francisco. Any participants who do not maintain pace proceed at their own risk, will be required to use sidewalks adjacent to the course, and must abide by stoplights and pedestrian traffic laws. If you happen to be on the course after the required pace time, we will do everything in our power to keep the finish line open a bit longer if possible.

Zoom in on the map to see more detail on aid station locations, etc.

2017 Course Update: