Find The Perfect Power Song
Sera Levine

I became interested in road racing three years ago watching a short film about musician, Ellie Goulding. She had a lot to say about the science or connection between music and running that tempted me to test her theories. Falling in love with the sport allowed me to explore music simultaneously which is why I am so hooked today.

Without a doubt, my favorite part about training for road races is getting to create the perfect playlist for the location, duration, and intensity of my run. Every race holds its own challenges, but your music can provide a comfort zone for you through the miles. Having good running “power songs” can boost your performance/speed (some say up to 15%!), but what gives a song that motivational edge?

In my opinion, there are three key components to the perfect power song:

Rhythm : Obviously, your workout music should be at a quicker pace! I suggest songs with at least 145 beats per minute (if you hope to finish each mile around or under 10 minutes). The tempo in Walk The Moon’s “Quesadilla” always pushes me to pick up the pace. You can find the BPM of virtually any song through websites like .

Emotion : Don’t pick cheesy upbeat songs just for the sake of doing so. It is equally important to have fast songs as it is to have significant ones. A power song is meant to increase endurance by providing encouragement to push through the finish. For this category my go-to is: “Ten Thousand Hours” by: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Exclusivity : I think it is so important to keep your running songs separate from other playlists. In designating a song as one of your power songs, this should signify that the song should only be listened to while running. I’ve found that looking forward to listening to these songs on a run motivates me to train!

Here are a few modern power songs to get your playlist started:

•Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

•The Greatest – Sia

•Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots

•Lose Yourself - Eminem

•My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – Fall Out Boy

- Sera Levine , @s eralevine
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