Dan Pasquale

You are doing AWESOME!!!

Why do I say that? Because you needed to hear it, period. If you are running, biking, swimming or training consistently in any way…you are doing AWESOME! Does that mean you shouldn’t improve or strive for more? Of course not…let me explain.

In today’s Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat world we are all constantly bombarded by images and descriptions of other people’s training routines and races. We all drool over fast pace times and huge improvements of random people…some of which we’ve never even met. We see people finish full Ironman races while we are still chasing that elusive 10k finish. While these posts can be a huge source of motivation to us all, they can also be an absolute dream crusher if not taken in context.

Too many of us measure our own success by the yardstick of other people’s progress. This is not only a shame, but it’s one of the biggest reasons people stop good workout plans and good training regimens; they see where other people are and become discouraged about their current progress and pace. They see random runner-guy posting sub-7 minute miles while they are pressing hard to break the 10-minute mark; or how about the gal who just started working out that stumbles upon a fitness model that’s been training for years? Can this motivate her? Of course…but what tends to happen is the exact opposite.

So let me reiterate…YOU ARE DOING AWESOME! Use those other people as motivation for where you can go, and don’t measure your success against theirs! This is YOUR journey…and YOUR training! Did you train today? If the answer is yes, if you went out and pushed yourself to improve…then you are not only doing AWESOME but you are well on your way to a level of success that you’ve never experienced. Any great athlete or successful person had to put in the work day after day when no one else was looking; make THAT the message you take from all those social media posts! If you want to succeed in your training, stay consistent in your OWN training and measure your success with your OWN yardstick…not anyone else’s! Why? Because… (wait for it...)…YOU’RE DOING AWESOME!!!!

Oh and if you want to go for a little jog with a lot of other AWESOME people looking to improve, stay healthy and have a ton of fun…come join us August 27 th for the San Francisco Giant Race! We will see you at home plate for the after party!!!!

Did I mention you’re doing AWESOME?!?!? ;-)

- Dan Pasquale , @run_bike_sink
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